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Root protection and tree protection on construction sites

VSV ground and root radar devices can be used to locate thick roots in construction and pile-driving areas.

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Tree protection is climate protection and saves lives

Root protection and tree protection are essential components of environmental planning on construction sites. They help to preserve and protect existing trees and the surrounding ecosystem during construction work. With the help of modern technologies such as ground penetrating radar or ground scanners, the exact spread of larger root systems can be determined. Our locating devices allow precise detection of the subsoil and therefore help to minimise potential damage to the roots caused by construction work.

Mandatory tree protection on construction sites

Suitable protective measures must be taken in accordance with DIN 18920 for tree protection in order to prevent damage to trees on construction sites. A root protection screen is particularly important here as it protects the tree and its root system from vibrations and mechanical damage. It should be noted that root protection for trees not only protects the tree itself, but also contributes to the preservation of the entire ecosystem. This is why comprehensive tree protection in the root zone on construction sites is not only a legal requirement, but also part of our responsibility towards our environment.

Precise root protection with our ground penetrating radar

Precise root location is possible with both the BS-900 and the GS-8000 around roadsides, field cultivations, avenues and other construction projects near trees. The data is recorded and analysed using the line, area and grid scan with on-site analysis and GPS location recording. The objects can be marked on site and the analyses can be transmitted using common file formats (e.g. DXF/KML/DWG). The rapid set-up and deployment of the devices enables non-invasive detection of roots and objects at depths of up to 10 metres and 1 cm in diameter. This protects the environment and avoids cost-intensive construction stoppages or excavation procedures.

Watch our video to see how the ground penetrating radar works and in which areas it provides helpful services.

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Ready-made root curtain elements from Benno Baumschutz. Quick installation, efficient root protection, sustainable, ecological, 100% biodegradable.

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