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Locating cables and lines in the ground

VSV ground penetrating radar locates specific lines such as gas and water pipes as well as various supply lines such as power cables and telecommunications cables in the ground.

Orange Line Skewed

Locating cables in the ground

Using a GPR is an innovative and incredibly practical method of locating cables in the ground. The ground penetrating radar transmits high-frequency radio waves into the ground to search for cables. When these radio waves hit an obstacle such as a cable in the ground, they are reflected and sent back to the scanner. These reflected waves are converted and transferred into a visual representation so that we can recognise exactly where cables, such as a power cable, are located and how deep they are laid. The benefit of this method is that you can find cables in the ground efficiently and safely, minimising the risk of accidentally damaging cables during excavation work. Power cables, telephone lines and other underground infrastructure – we can find any cable in the ground with this technology. Ground penetrating radar is an indispensable tool for anyone involved in construction or maintenance work on underground cables. It makes work considerably easier and increases the safety of everyone involved.

Locating water pipes in the ground

Locating water pipes in the ground is an essential part of construction and renovation work, as damage to water pipes can incur expensive repairs and possible environmental damage. As with cable tracing, a specialised water pipe locator can be used, which emits signals that are reflected by metal or plastic water pipes. As water has a high density and behaves differently to the surrounding soil, the locating device can determine the precise position and depth of the pipes. It is important to note that locating pipes in the ground can be more complicated with plastic water pipes, as these materials reflect radio waves differently. However, with modern locating devices that have been developed for this special task, it is perfectly possible to reliably locate such water pipes. With a locating device for water pipes in the ground, you can find water pipes with pinpoint accuracy, giving you greater certainty when carrying out construction and renovation projects. Whether you need to find a water pipe in the ground or locate other pipes, the right equipment is key to a successful and safe project.

Protection against additional costs and disruptions to timelines

Our GS8000 can be used to search for cables in solid asphalt and concrete as well as on unpaved terrain. The data can be transmitted and evaluated in real time and is available at any time via the cloud. Precise marking and differentiation of the individual lines within the scan is possible. The location of individual lines is covered by line scans. Area scan and grid scan can additionally identify individual locations where lines and pipes cross or overlap paths. The locating is carried out in support of the utilities' plans, for possible pipelines in the area of the roadway/parking spaces. This can be used to monitor any deviations from the plan, providing effective protection against disruptions to the schedule and possible additional costs, particularly in the case of construction work.

Watch our video to see how the ground penetrating radar works and in which areas it provides helpful services.

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Orange Line Skewed

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