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Contaminated site investigation

Innovative technology for detecting contaminated sites to protect people and the environment, taking into account the precautionary and sustainability principles.

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Checking a property for contaminated sites

A contaminated site investigation is a crucial step in assessing the condition of building land, especially when it comes to land that has been used for industrial purposes in the past and could potentially be contaminated. These contaminated sites may be waste, underground tanks or building rubble, for example. Chemicals or other pollutants that may have entered the soil pose a risk to health and the environment. Soil investigation for a building site is carried out using techniques such as ground penetrating radar, which provides detailed images of the subsoil and helps to identify the exact location and extent of contaminated sites. This process can be crucial for the preparation of a comprehensive soil survey that takes into account the contaminated sites and lays the foundation for a safe and efficient remediation of the property.

Clarification in advance prevents construction stops

The VSV ground penetrating radar is an informative and cost-effective solution for detecting and excluding contaminated sites. A suspicion in this regard is also an important point in new development or sale/acquisition of land. The possibility of detecting contaminated sites near the roadway, or within the roadway area, is an additional option of soil probing, Such as:

  • Old pipelines, unknown or suspected underground structures, foundations or foreign bodies
  • Tar oils or accumulations of PAH* can theoretically be identified and marked due to the dielectric. Such procedures are documented by various studies and papers and are common practice in geo-analysis. The identification and removal of contaminated sites is funded by the federal and state governments. (*PAH = Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons)

Further reference: "Road debris represents a significant volume stream. Tarred road debris is the most relevant hazardous waste in road construction in terms of volume." (The Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act) stipulates that when choosing a waste management measure, priority shall be given to the measure that best ensures the protection of people and the environment, taking into account the precautionary and sustainability principles.

Watch our video to see how the ground penetrating radar works and in which areas it provides helpful services.

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