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We are your expert partner for locating roots, utility lines and contaminated sites.

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Root Radar
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Watch our video to see how the ground penetrating radar works and in which areas it provides helpful services.

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Volkmann Strassen- und Verkehrstechnik, your partner for detecting roots, utility lines and contaminated sites.

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Root detection and root protection on construction sites

It is important to ensure that roots and trees are protected on construction sites. A root radar can be used to locate roots quickly and without causing damage. This makes it possible to determine the exact extent of large root systems and thus avoid potential damage caused by construction work. Our locating devices enable precise detection of tree roots on the edge of the carriageway or on properties. Comprehensive tree protection on construction sites is not only a legal requirement, but also a responsibility towards our environment.

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Utility location and search for supply lines

Finding utility in the ground can be a challenge. We use our ground penetrating radar to locate specific objects such as gas and water pipes, supply cables and various telecommunications cables. The locating device can determine the precise position and depth of the utility. This not only simplifies the planning of renovation and construction work – it also prevents accidental damage to power cables or water pipes during excavation work.

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Detecting contaminated sites and roads

The investigation of contaminated sites on a building plot is an important step, especially for plots with suspected industrial and military contaminated sites in the ground. Advanced technologies such as ground penetrating radar are used to effectively identify these contaminated sites. This generates detailed images of the subsurface and makes it possible to determine the exact position and extent of contaminated sites. In addition to making an important contribution to the protection of people and the environment, this is also a key factor in sustainable urban development.

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The measuring principle

The location is recorded using GPS data and the object is localised using high-frequency electromagnetic pulses.

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Ask the experts

Talk to us – we will be happy to advise you

Our experts develop customized concepts for your individual situation. Let us put together an optimal concept for the effective detection of roots, supply lines or contaminated sites in the scanning area.

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